“Attending a women’s college strengthened my commitment to women and women’s issues, and my experience working in policy development and advocacy roles seem a natural pathway to the League. Women must actively participate in, and advocate for, women’s rights and our community’s future – and the League is the advocate for our community and our future.” (AA)


“I became active in the League two years ago and participated in the WES study. The high quality of the work the League does to benefit Society has always impressed me.” (Caroline Correa)


“I care about people having access to the information they need to participate in decisions that affect them.” (Janice Keller)


“I was invited to join the LWVUS immigration study after moderating an immigration reform discussion in 2006. I was fascinated with the study process and impressed with the commitment of the women I met. It was a natural extension of my civic interests that began when I moved to Bellingham in 1969." (Jayne)


“I first joined my local League around 1967, when I was a young housewife - I wanted to learn about my community and to talk about more than just diapers and babies.” (Judy Corliss)

“Finding the League has brought a new dimension to my life here in Bellingham. I am thrilled to find a place for my energy to be expressed and am warmed by the welcome I have received.” (Naomi)

“I became active in the League, after being a member for 3 or 4 years, when I joined a health care program planning group in 2013. I like the breadth of the advocacy work and the thoughtful study that goes into the League’s positions.” (Rebecca Johnson)

“I grew up around the League, and I grew up around its values. It is so nice to be among a group of intelligent people actively making a difference.” (Riley Abel)

“When I retired I redirected my education passion to the League of Women Voters because I could continue to learn and be involved in the community in a different way with wonderful, collaborative, smart people.” (Susan Mancuso)

“I joined the League after being involved in a statewide initiative battle in 1994-5, where after seeking the League’s endorsement for our cause, discovered the research and thought that the League did prior to supporting or opposing an issue. This was so impressive to me, that I decided to join and get involved.” (Tanya Baumgart)