Thank You to our many members and friends for their Generous Support

Candice Ambrosio
Betty Barats
Kirsten Barron
Jill Bernstein
Robert Clark
Carol Comeau
Caroline Correa
Carol Dukes
Jayne & Bill Freudenberger
Karen Funston
Kathy Gablehouse
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Robin & Annette Holcomb
Elaine Hornal

Marge Laidlaw
Sherri Lambert
Martha Mills
Sue Ming
Marlene Orlick
Lynne Rein
Phyllis Self
John Whitmer
Judith Wiseman

League was the first organization I joined after coming to Whatcom County in 1977. I knew from past experience in another state, that League was the impartial group to have respectful discussions on issues impacting our everyday lives. I’m happy to support the 2020 Celebration!
— Marge Laidlaw


A little history

A League of Women Voters of Bellingham was founded in 1956 and it later became the League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County. The League has been an active positive influence in our community since its founding.

The League is a grassroots organization and depends on our members and volunteers to implement our programs.

Empowering Voters & Defending Democracy