Welcome to the League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County! 

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. 

We do not support or oppose any candidates for office or political parties. We want everyone to vote so our elected leaders represent our entire community. We are a voice for all, working to connect people directly with government. We provide and work from facts. We educate. We advocate for change. 


What’s Happening/News of LWBWC

You can always catch up with the League by reading our monthly newsletter, The Voter.

This program is now available online!
It will also be available on KMRE 102.3 and KAVZ 102.5

Fake news is in the news these days. What is it, and how can you tell? 

Join the League of Women Voters of Bellingham & Whatcom County on Saturday, February 18, to find out!

A professor of journalism, a reporter, and an editor will talk about journalistic ethics, the process journalists and editors undertake with each story, and why it is critical for the public and those in the journalism profession to read critically and carefully. We will follow up this discussion with a practical exercise.

Our goal is for the audience to:

  • Leave understanding what "fake news " is, having learned the tenets of journalism;
  • Have a sense of the harm created through false information, while appreciating the value that accurate news provides an informed citizenry; and
  • Understand that we each have a role to play, by thinking critically and choosing not to "share" bad information.

Each panelist will have 15 minutes to present information, followed by Q&A and a practical exercise to help attendees apply what they've learned.

Location: Bellingham Public Library Downstairs Lecture Room (210 Central Ave)
Time: Doors open at 9:30am. Program begins at 10am.

For more information, contact LWVBWC Board Member Amy Cloud at CloudAC@aol.com.

Upcoming Event: Solar Power
Saturday, March 18

Visit our Calendar to find out more!

Visit our Calendar to find out more!

Upcoming Event: Jail Diversions
Saturday, April 15

Visit our Calendar to find out more!

Visit our Calendar to find out more!

Your League is Working for You

Advocacy in our community is one of the roles of the League of Women Voters. After research, study, and deliberation among committee members, followed by Board review, the League will write letters and advocate in support of certain policies or actions. This advocacy work is based on the underlying principles and positions adopted by the League at the local, state, and national level. 

Two letters have been submitted recently by the LWVBWC. The first addresses proposed amendments to Chapter 2 of Whatcom County's Comprehensive Plan, "Land Use," and can be found HERE

The second relates to issues of equity and inclusion in the City of Bellingham's Comprehensive Plan. The LWVBWC urges the Bellingham City Council, and the Planning & Community Development Department to ensure that issues of equity and inclusion are emphasized in the Comprehensive Plan’s introduction, the Land Use Chapter, and woven throughout the document. Our letter to the City of Bellingham can be found HERE.