Would you like to become more active in our League? The LWVBWC can always use volunteers, and whether you have a little time or a lot, we would love to have your help and participation in one of our many community activities. We are an entirely grassroots organization, and dependent on our members to volunteer their time and expertise. 

Would you like to help with our Voter Services efforts?

Observer Corps

Our Observer Corps currently attends Bellingham City and Whatcom County Council meetings, as well as meetings of the Port of Bellingham, and reports back on the actions taken by those bodies. Volunteers may livestream these meetings too, if they are inclined, in addition to taking notes and reporting back to the LWVBWC. This is an excellent way to learn more about what our local elected officials do, find out what’s happening in our community, and to foster transparency of government and communication with the public. If you are interested in volunteering with the Observer Corps, please contact us!

 Volunteer at our Election Forums

League members are encouraged to volunteer at our Election and Candidate Forums! If you can spare a couple of hours, we can always use volunteers at our forums. This is a great opportunity to learn more about issues and candidates while helping with the voter education process of the LWVBWC. Jobs include, but are not limited to: greeting, ushering, question gathering, timing, question review, and moderating.

 Support our Voter Registration Effort

Registering voters not only supports citizen participation in our government, it’s a great way to connect with other members of our community! We have registered voters at local schools, community centers, and elsewhere throughout our county.

Election Observing

The LWVBWC plays a role in election observing, helping to ensure fair elections through monitoring of our democratic process. We can always use volunteers for election observing.  

If any of these volunteer opportunities appeal to you, please contact VoterServicesChair@lwvbellinghamwhatcom.org.

Would you like to help with our outreach and membership efforts?

Volunteering with the League is a great way to meet other League members and support this grassroots organization as it connects with our broader community. We have a great team of volunteers who help with everything from hospitality at events to drafting press releases to coordinating public education programs. For more information about opportunities to be part of our team, contact Membership Chair Joy Monjure at membership@lwvbellinghamwhatcom.org, or Communications Director Allison Aurand at PR@lwvbellinghamwhatcom.org.